You won’t be
drowning in tech
on our watch

🆘 Tech help for entrepreneurs 

Too many great ideas die because entrepreneurs are weighed down dealing with technical tasks

Business requires a lot of tech. It’s easy to get caught up in setting up and managing tech instead of doing what you want to be doing in your business

You are swimming with sharks

We are very well aware that sometimes it just feels like it’s easier to do it yourself than it is to find someone who can deliver what you want


Ask in any online group if anyone can help build a website and how much it costs, and the thread blows up with answers in a million directions


There’s so many horror stories of agencies who ridiculously overcharges businesses for projects that often don’t even solve the problem


We often hear about people who hire someone to do all their web and then that person is taking forever to respond and get stuff done

No wonder why entrepreneurs end up trying to do everything them selves

We promise to be the most epic tech team you have ever worked with

This is how we work

Maybe you have a lot on your plate and don’t necessarily have time or knowhow to explain what you want in technical details.

We know that the less you have to do the more you get done

We are born tech geeks, let us help you

From setting up your website and all your online apps to custom programming and system design. We can probably help you with more tasks than you imagine

Here are some of the things we often help our clients with

  • Setting up websites - so that everything is secure and running smooth
  • Configuring email systems - so that communication is safe and easy
  • Building out online learning platforms - so that customer experience is great
  • Setting up online sales and payment systems - so that money can flow in
  • Help finding the right system combination - so that the business can grow
  • Keeping everything online and backed up - to give peace of mind
  • Custom programming and modification - to make the systems do what’s needed
  • Setting up marketing automations - so that time is not spent on repetitive tasks

The list could go on but that would be boring, and the whole idea is that you won’t have to deal with stuff that you find boring

If you’re wondering if we can fix something for you that’s not on the list just…

“It would have taken me hours to fix”

"Just the other day I had an issue on our website that would have taken me hours to fix. I sent it to Kulwinder and he fixed it in ten minutes"

- Henrik Hovgaard, Universal Futurists

“I had enough of doing this on my own”

"I did all the guru programs on creating landing pages and and setting up email marketing. I just had enough of doing it all on my own. Now I’ve gotten further in the last week, than in the last six months"

- Betina Noe Favrholt, JustCollab

“My web setup was killing my positive vibe”

"Tech stuff is not my idea of fun, but it drains me when it’s not working. Kulwinder fixed all the problems in a few hours. These guys are the bomb. You will get addicted :-)"

- Anne Farup, Singer and Public Speaker

Who are these people rescuing entrepreneurs from drowning in tech and getting eaten by sharks?

Jesper Bram - Founder and Visionary

Bram a.k.a UncleOnline is an Internet OG that’s be in the online start-up world since the 90’s. From VC backed projects to crowdfunded projects. Jesper’s heart beats for helping entrepreneurs. He is always on the lookout for new technology and hosts the podcast about Web3, Metaverse and our online future.

Kulwinder Singh - Partner and Integrator

Kulwinder has a masters degree in physics and a background in corporate IT where he managed a team of 150 people. He thrives by solving complicated problems in easy ways and putting smiles on peoples faces. Kulwinder oversee our daily operations and manages our team.

Team of heroes

We are fortunate to have a team of tech savvy heroes who loves challenges and helping others. They are experienced programmers and frontend developers. Who enjoy being the people who make it all come together behind the scene so that our clients can shine.

In tech we trust

We work with anything you have, and if you want something new we’re happy to recommend systems for you. These are just a few of the apps we like.

Got questions or comments? You are welcome to contact us at

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